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Meet Agilium Labs Team

We are a small team who is dedicated to creating high quality solutions. We apply valuable experience in SaaS , web & mobile development to build applications which work.

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We use professional software development process which includes all elements required to support high product quality. We create unit and automated user acceptance tests, follow TDD and perform peer code reviews. Our solutions are scalable and easy to maintain.

We use Scrum for developing products. Every 1-week iteration we deliver a working software with some features implemented. We can show you a demo in the end of each iteration. We gather statistical data while working on project, so we are able to tell you how much effort and timeframe your project will take. And you can change your requirements on the go.

Our hourly rates are really affordable taking into account the level of quality we provide. You will be satisfied.

We track working time precisely up to a minute. You can always see which task took the time and how much.

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Featured Projects

Agilium Tracker

Agilium Tracker Grifix

AgiliumTracker SaaS service helps remote teams to track their working time precisely and conveniently. We use it ourselves - on Mac, Linux and Windows. Android and iOS versions are coming soon.

Grifix is a wearable bluetooth device which secures mobile devices from unauthorized access.

On this project our role was to create a bluetooth low energy device and accompanying mobile application.

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We are proud to have expertise in most popular and powerful programming languages and technologies, so we can choose a combination which works for your project best.






Material design





Ruby on Rails





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